A Simple Week by Week Guide to Prepare for Baby

You just found out your pregnant, congrats! That’s a lot to take in emotionally. I know there are a million thoughts and questions running through your mind. Take a breath and slow down. You have about 30 weeks to prepare.

With my first pregnancy, I dove write into googling, planning, and worrying. I became instantly overwhelmed and stressed out. With my second pregnancy, I knew there had to be a better way to prepare, so I made a plan. By my third pregnancy, I was a pro. I can’t wait to share my baby preparedness plan with you!

This guide will break down all of your questions and to-dos in a simple and easy way. I got you, girl!

Yes, there is a lot to do, but trying to do it all at once will stress you and the baby out. All you need to do is follow this weekly guide with confidence that by the time baby arrives you will be ready.  Don’t forget to check out the free printable checklists at the end of the book. Here we go!