5 Easy Steps for Teaching Your Kids About Stranger Safety the Fun Way

The Best Way to Teach Your Kids to be Safe around Strangers

How to teach your kids to be safe with strangers

The Un-fun Part of Parenting

When you first find out you are pregnant you definitely don’t think to yourself “oh yay! I can’t wait to teach my child about stranger safety”.  You think about how fun it will be to have a baby; to dress them up, take cute pictures, and go to fun places. Then, all of a sudden your little baby is a 3 year old terror, who loves to talk to strangers and has zero common sense. Apparently, it is our job as parents to teach them everything… news to me. And just think; right now you are just talking to them about safety, in less than ten years you will be having “THE TALK”!

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how to teach your kids about stranger safety

Here’s How:

1. Prepare Yourself

It was a tough pill to swallow when I realized that my six year old had no knowledge of strangers or safety. She will talk to just about anyone, she does not know our basic personal information, and she does not know what to do in certain situations. I was able to prepare myself with this free safety with strangers intro class from Be WITH Kids. They provide a simple, fast, and free 5 days course that includes:

  1. A checklist with rules that every child needs to know.
  2. A quiz to check your child’s safety level (Mine failed horribly).
  3. Why “don’t talk to strangers” is not working and what to do instead guide.
  4. How to warn your child about help requests from strangers guide.
  5. How to explain abduction without scaring your child guide.

You can enroll for free here http://mommyteachestoo.com/freesafetyintoclass

2. Pencil it in

Plan to do a little bit of the stranger course at a time with your child. You do not want to overwhelm them. Do the course during the day, at a time when they are awake, alert, and happy. Put the course work into your calendar, so that you do not forget. I use my Erin Condren Life Planner to help me keep my crazy schedule on track. Get yours at http://mommyteachestoo.com/erincondrenlife

3. Be Excited

Your attitude is everything. If you are excited and thrilled about it, then they will be too. The thought of something horrible happening to your kid is horrifying. Remember, you should be excited that they will be well prepared, in case a stranger situation does occur. Make sure you are well caffeinated. I stock up with Volcanica Gourmet Coffee. Check out their great flavors and deals at http://mommyteachestoo.com/volcanicacoffee

5 easy ways to wake up beter

4. Reward Them

Set up a reward system for doing the stranger course each day with you. You know your child best. Ask them what they want as a reward, or just tell them. Maybe a simple sticker chart will do, or a special treat. You could also reward with extra tv or tablet time. This is totally up to you. Having a reward in place will motivate your child to keep doing the course, and instant gratification will let them know that they are doing the right thing. My kids love crafting, they can’t get enough of the great activities and supplies that Crayola offers. Get your special rewards at http://mommyteachestoo.com/crayola 

5. Follow Up

Once you have completed the course the work is not over. Make sure you make connections from the course with your child when it is relevant. When you are out and about you can ask your child questions about what they learned about strangers or give gentle reminders. The knowledge and language can easily become a regular part of day-to-day life.

I have created a free checklist to help you along the way with teaching your child stranger safety. Click here for freebie.

Don’t Wait Until Something Bad Happens

Many parents do not think about teaching their kids about strangers and safety until they have a scare or something bad happens to themselves or someone close to them. I believe that being proactive and prepared is the best way to go when it comes to parenting.

My kids and I loved the Be WITH Kids safety with strangers in a positive way course. The course was so positive, there were no scary stories or methods. The goal was to give the parent confidence to talk about it, without scaring their kids. The course is play-based so that the kids will understand and remember it. Finally, the course was practical, parents can teach and then actually use it in real life.

Be proactive and enroll in the Be WITH Kids Safety with Strangers In a Positive Way Course click the link below: