5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day For Busy Moms

Valentine Schmalentine


5 easy ways to celebrate valentines day for busy Moms

I Feel It Coming

Are you feeling the Valentine’s Day pressure? I know I am. Valentine’s Day is like the following act to Christmas. No one wants to go up after your amazing performance! You broke out all of the stops at Christmas; now you are in recovery mode from all of the cleaning, cooking, shopping, decorating, opening toys, visiting friends and family, and the 10 million other things that come with mommy duty during the holiday season.

I just put away my Christmas decorations; and now my kids want me to dig through and take out the Valentine’s decorations? Ugh!

You are probably feeling like a cow on a dairy farm right about now; completely drained and no more “milk” left to give. Drained of time, energy, and cares (keeping it PG) to give. However, you still live on the dairy farm and have to supply “milk” for your family. Well, this year my family will get their Valentines Day “milk” from me, but it will be skim, not whole.

5 easy ways to celebrate valentines day for busy moms

Skim Milk is still Milk

My family knows how busy I am between teaching, blogging, and maintaining all of my other roles in life. Plus my little ones are pretty easy to please; there are times when a cardboard box can entertain for hours. So, this year I am going to take advantage of that fact and turn the Valentine’s Day Celebration down a notch.

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Here’s How:

1. Dress It up

Wear something Valentines Day themed. This year I am going with a comfy red t-shirt. Lula-Roe is also a great option for holiday themed clothes that are cute and comfortable.

5 Easy ways to celebrate valentines day for Busy Moms

2. Pour it up

Cuddle up on the couch with a tall glass of your favorite wine. Relax and indulge… you deserve it. I will be pouring it up with my favorite red wine from the California Wine Club. They boast amazing handcrafted, award-winning wine from small family wineries and ship them right to you. Get two free bottles at http://mommyteachestoo.com/californiawineclub

3. Give it up

Give your husband your time; that is what my husband wants most this year. Give him your undivided attention, even if it isn’t for very long. Once the kids go to bed put your phone, work and cleaning away. Have a conversation, really listen to him, play a board game together, or watch his favorite show or movie. Recently, I have not been able to give my husband as much time as I used to, so I know he will appreciate it.

You could also try getting a babysitter. Their nannies and babysitters are the most trusted. Get your first babysitter for free at http://mommyteachestoo.com/urbansitterfree

5 ways to celebrate valentines day for busy moms

4. Eat it up

Making holiday themed food can be so easy and fun. It probably won’t look like the Pinterest moms’ treats, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. You can easily add red food dye to just about anything. I also like to make heart-shaped foods, all you need is a . So, for breakfast I will do red heart-shaped pancakes with a glass of red milk. For lunch I might do heart-shaped sandwiches, and for dinner red mashed potatoes with a heart-shaped meatloaf. For dessert the pre-made stuff is best: like theme cupcakes, or Pillsbury break and bake

5 easy ways for busy moms to celebrate valentines day

5. Buy it up

You do not have to spend a lot of money on gifts on Valentines Day. Remember, Christmas was less than two months ago. The toys the kids got for Christmas aren’t being played with and the shirt you got your husband still has the tag on it. They don’t need anything!  Just get them something small, so they know you thought of them. I will be getting each of my kids something from the Hasbro Toy Shop online. Check out the best toys at low prices and get free shipping at www.mommyteachestoo.com/hasbro.  My husband will get a card and the privilege of being my husband.

5 easy ways to celevrate valentines day for busy moms


Love Your Mommy Self

This Valentines Day, give your “utters” a break! Know that you are a mooooovalous mama and you deserve some love too. For me the best way my family can show me some love is by being happy with their “skim milk”. Hugs and kisses are all this momma needs!