5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Mommy Social Life

5 practical tips to improve your mommy social life

A social life? Your kidding right?

I have way too much going on to socialize. I don’t even remember the last time I had a conversation that wasn’t about poop, farts, or boogers!

Yes, 99% of the time we are either talking to our kids or about our kids. Or we are doing a fun kid activity, like going to Chuckie Cheese! Because, who doesn’t love a room full of steaming hot germs and kids running loose like un-caged hyenas? So much fun, right?

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Once in a while we need some adult time. We need to trade in the poop talk for dirty talk; Chuckie Cheese for wine and cheese. I keep my wine supply stocked with delicious wine from California Wine Club. Get two free bottles at http://mommyteachestoo.com/californiawineclub

So Much to do!

I know I know…. Easier said than done Laura. Some Moms are great about making sure they have a social life when they have little kids, and I give them props for being able to do it so easily. However, for me it was a struggle to give myself any social time at all. I was always so busy with teaching, cleaning, or sleeping (I love sleep).


5 practical ways to improve your mommy social life


Oh The Guilt!

For some reason I always felt guilty whenever I would go out. I felt bad for not spending that precious free time I had, with my husband. It wasn’t fair that he had to stay home and miss me while I was out. I felt guilty that I wasn’t there to put my kids to bed. All of this guilt just made going out not worth it.

Release the Mama!

Then, I realised that when I wasn’t socializing with my friends often, I felt isolated and depressed. After talking with my husband about how I was feeling, I realised momma hyena needs to be let out of the cage once in a while too. She needs to let her fur down and laugh hysterically with her cackle. Because if Momma hyena is happy, then the whole clan is happy.

Here’s How:

1.Schedule your social outings

Make your social plans weeks ahead of time. Know who, what, where, when, and how. Write the agreed upon plans down on your calendar, now that it is written down you will not forget, you are committed, and you have something to look forward to. As a mom and teacher I can’t live without my Erin Condren Planner; they are beautiful, customizable, and come with some great freebies. Get yours at http://mommyteachestoo.com/erincondrenlife

2. Stay home

If you’re not feeling up to going out, then have a in. Drink wine, , pig out! Sometimes these are the best girls night.

3. Make those calls

5 ways to improve your mommy social life

Social Media is nice, but it just isn’t the same as a good old-fashioned phone call. Ring Ring! Have some meaningful long conversations with your friends, or just gossip. Either way, some adult conversation will help you to relax and to get things off of your chest. There are somethings your husbands just don’t want to hear about or won’t understand, so you need to have some friends who are good listeners and won’t judge your crazy.

4. Try New Things

Plan to do something you have never done before or go somewhere you have never gone. You will be more motivated to make plans and go out if it is something new and exciting. Plus, you will be so distracted you won’t worry about the kids, your husband, or that mountain of laundry on your bedroom floor that won’t go away….ever.

5. Bring the kids with you

If you can’t find a sitter try using Urban Sitter, they provide you with the most trusted babysitters and nanny’s. Get your first sitter free at http://mommyteachestoo.com/urbansitterfree. Remember, moms are great multi-taskers, so we can still chat it up while taking care of the little ones. Go on lunch dates or walk around the mall with your friends.

Simply Put…

Taking time for yourself to make connections with friends is imperative to being a great mom and wife. We need to be involved and connected with others in order to fulfill the natural human need to be a part of a group. So find your group and get the gossip going!

5 ways to improve your mommy social life