5 Ways to Conquer The Struggle of Breastfeeding When Returning to Work

The Breastfeeding Struggle

Get Back to Work!


6 weeks is all ya get… not enough time. You need time to bond with the baby, figure out what works, and get on a schedule. However, all too soon, so many of us have to bounce back into the work place like we didn’t just go through the crazy whirlwind of bringing a human being into the world. And you have to go back right when the doctor approves you to do “adult” things again… Thanks Doc!

5 ways to conquer the struggles of breastfeeding when returning to work.

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It All Seemed So Scary

I recently had to go back to work after having my third child, and I have to say, it was scary! With my other children I worked at night, so I was able to be home with them during the day. This time I had to go back to teaching, and enroll my 6 week old in daycare.

Not only was this my first time leaving a baby at daycare, it was my first time breastfeeding. I am so happy with my choice to breastfeed, and my goal is to do it until he is 1. I wasn’t sure of anything to start, and once I finally did figure it out, it was time to throw in a curve ball.

So, I did my research to see what I would need to do to prepare, what I needed to buy, and what to pack for myself and the baby. I thought I was ready, but I soon learned I was not doing things the most efficient way. When you are a mom and a teacher everything you do needs to be efficient, because you simply do not have enough time to in your long day… ironic?

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Conquer The Struggle

1. I need what?

Figure out what you need to bring to work with you, so that you can pump. Everyday I bring my and all of the pieces, a and . Make sure you keep backup items there just in case you forget something at home, like a and extra storage bags.

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2. So much to pack

Do a test run day with daycare before you go back to work, so you can see how long it will take you to get out the door. There is a lot to pack and prepare on top of getting everyone ready and fed.

I pour, label, and pack the night before. At night I also clean the bottles and pump pieces and pack my pump back up for the next day.

3. I am going to fall behind on my work

As we speak, I am blogging while at work pumping. You need to find a way to multitask, because pumping does take up so much time. I recommend the . They are cups that connect to any pump tubing. They are completely concealable, plus they free up your hands to get stuff done!

4. No one knows where I am

Have a pumping support friend. Someone who you feel comfortable talking about pumping with, so that you can tell them when you will be pumping and where you will be. Then you wont have to worry about being interrupted or getting in trouble for not being where you usually are.

Side note- make sure you lock the door wherever you are pumping at. I recently forgot, and another teacher came to my classroom and got a free show!

I have a great support system of teachers on my team, who watch my students for me while I pump. They know what times I pump at and that I will be in my classroom. This process is very time-consuming and frustrating, because as a teacher I can’t just leave and it is hard to find privacy.

5. I don’t have time to pump

5 ways to conquer the struggle of breastfeeding when returning to work

Yes you do! Return to work ready and take it slow and steady, do not get overwhelmed. Make a schedule and follow it. Pump often to avoid leakage. Once in a while I get distracted and wait too long to pump, luckily I have my , they are washable nursing pads that have never leaked through for me.

Before my first day back, I went into my classroom to work. I was able to get organized and ready for my return, so that I was not overwhelmed. When I did go back I followed my schedule and knew I had time to pump.


It’s Worth It

Sometimes pumping makes me miss my baby, but it’s nice to know that I can put him on the boob as soon as I get home. I love having that bonding time with him. Now that I have figured out breastfeeding and returning to work I can relax and enjoy it even more.


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