The Best Birthing Classes Online

Start looking into local birthing classes now, it’s ok if it seems too early. These classes are usually 6-12 weeks, so enrolling early will give you plenty of time to prepare. Knowledge is power; so the more you know about the birthing process and how your body works, the less fearful you will be during … [Read more…]

A Crazy Simple Guide For Creating Your Baby Registry

Scan scan scan away. Creating a registry for all of your baby wants and needs can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. You need to know where to go and what you will need. I loved creating my registry online with Amazon. It guides you through the process and even provides a checklist … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Baby

Congrats! You just found out you’re pregnant; that’s a lot to take in emotionally. I know there are a million thoughts and questions running through your mind. Take a breath and slow down. You have about 30 weeks to prepare. With my first pregnancy, I dove write into googling, planning, and worrying. I became instantly … [Read more…]

Amazing Ideas For Telling Your Husband You Are Pregnant

Hunny, Guess What? You probably recently found out you are pregnant. So exciting! Although you will be very tempted, don’t go around telling everyone. The only person you should tell right now is your significant other. I know I could barely keep my excitement in and couldn’t wait to tell my husband. What an amazing … [Read more…]

The 10 Breastfeeding Essentials You Will Actually Need

There are so many baby products out there, and most of them are really not necessary. When I was pregnant with my third child I decided that I was going to breastfeed for the first time. I had no clue where to start or what I needed, so I registered for just about everything that … [Read more…]

5 Easy Steps for Teaching Your Kids About Stranger Safety the Fun Way

The Best Way to Teach Your Kids to be Safe around Strangers The Un-fun Part of Parenting When you first find out you are pregnant you definitely don’t think to yourself “oh yay! I can’t wait to teach my child about stranger safety”.  You think about how fun it will be to have a baby; … [Read more…]

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day For Busy Moms

Valentine Schmalentine   I Feel It Coming Are you feeling the Valentine’s Day pressure? I know I am. Valentine’s Day is like the following act to Christmas. No one wants to go up after your amazing performance! You broke out all of the stops at Christmas; now you are in recovery mode from all of … [Read more…]

5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Mommy Social Life

A social life? Your kidding right? I have way too much going on to socialize. I don’t even remember the last time I had a conversation that wasn’t about poop, farts, or boogers! Yes, 99% of the time we are either talking to our kids or about our kids. Or we are doing a fun … [Read more…]

5 Ways to Conquer The Struggle of Breastfeeding When Returning to Work

The Breastfeeding Struggle Get Back to Work! Pinterest 6 weeks is all ya get… not enough time. You need time to bond with the baby, figure out what works, and get on a schedule. However, all too soon, so many of us have to bounce back into the work place like we didn’t just go … [Read more…]